My name is Mariia Shchepeleva and I am a web developer from Nikolaev, Ukraine. I have more than 7 years of experience in developing and customizing professional websites in WordPress.

I work with websites development and customization, web design, speed optimization and solving various problems with performance and security.

If you have a project or an idea, please write me now and let’s discuss! I am very enthusiastic about interesting things in design and programming:)


Landing page

A website or just a page that is encouraging the user to do something: to leave a request for pre-ordering the product, to buy a ticket for an event, or to download a presentation. Landing pages are great to use in advertising and to focus on promoting a single product or service.

Price: from € 100

Company website

A website designed to bring information about the company and its services to the fullest extent possible. It is an official representation of the company on the web.

Price: from € 500

E-commerce website

A website where a user can select a product or service online and pay for it. Most often it contains a catalog where one can find the desired product using categories and filters.

Price: from € 700

Targeted advertising in Facebook and Instagram

Targeted advertising allows you to choose exactly your audience from the entire set of Facebook and Instagram users and direct these people to your website.

Price: from € 50 per month

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